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If you’re after some authentic French cuisine in a classic Parisian café setting, then look no further than Délifrance. Bringing a little bit of France to Hong Kongers since 1987, Délifrance now has some 30 outlets across Hong Kong, serving classic French sandwiches, pasta, pastries, freshly baked brioche and desserts.

You’ll find this Délifrance at Hong Kong International Airport (Level 5, Terminal 1, Non-restricted area and Departures South Concourse, Level 6) is in keeping with its other outlets with a French décor and cozy ambience. I really like their self-service style as I can simply relax, sit back and read my novel without having to stand on ceremony. I can enjoy my food at a leisurely pace without feeling rushed by waiting staff, which I’m sure you’ll agree is definitely the French way!

Compared to Délifrance’s other outlets in Hong Kong this one seems to have more choice for vegetarians. So, being a vegetarian, I was in for a real treat after a busy day’s work at the airport.

First off, I ordered the Pineapple, Tomato & Fresh Mushroom Linguine in Neapolitan Sauce. Yep, you read correctly…Pineapple! Now bear with me, this combination works! The pineapple’s sweetness together with the tomatoes’ sourness complement each other perfectly. And the Mixed Vegetable Bouillon on the side was also wonderfully rich in flavor, packed with delicious veggies including kidney beans, carrot, onion and cabbage.

It had been such a busy day, that I still had room for one of Délifrance’s signature sandwiches: L’Egg Mayonnaise (said in my best French accent…). For your sandwich you can choose from classic French baguette, Brittany butter croissant, Ciabatta, and soft brioche. Because I’m a BIG croissant lover, it was an easy decision for me. Their freshly baked croissants are made with pure unadulterated French butter, and are baked to a beautiful golden color and flaky texture. Filled with the freshest tomato, the crispest lettuce, and the lovely egg mayo – I started drooling just looking at it!

And a French meal wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory coffee, but I have to admit I’m more of a tea fan so finished the proceedings with their Organic Forest Fruit Tea, which did wonders for my work weariness and all I could say at the end is… Je t’aime, Délifrance!

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