Go Green with International Cuisines

August 20, 2015 | 0 Comments | Other

Many think of vegetarian as an independent food type , but as you keep an open eye, vegetarian dishes are widely included in most countries’ cuisines. Now take notes on the three greenest cuisines around the world for your next meat-free low carbon runaway trip!

Among all Western cuisines, Italian is truly promised land for green foodies. With its year-round fresh ingredients grown under the beaming sunshine and fertile soil, Italians welcome vegetarians with many classic dishes, such as fresh tomato basil pasta, zucchini risotto, potato pancakes, black olives, vanilla beans, and even vegan ice cream (Vegan Gelato) that tastes just as smooth and creamy as its full fat cousin.

HKIA centre

New York has always been the hub for fashionistas. With green diet hitting mainstream, vegetarian sushi restaurants, pizza shops  and takeaways can be found around every corners. To make the green healthy diet convenient for the busy metropolitan lifestyle, vegetarian fast-food businesses are also growing fast in this trendy city.2Within Asia, India, which has a long history in vegetarianism, and Taiwan with its recent hype in going green, are both well-known for  delicious vegetarian food, which can also be found at the night markets. To go for a more tropical option, Thailand, with its everlasting fruit supply, offers green papaya salad, mango sticky rice, coconut veggie curry and other epicurean green dishes.

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With such a broad range of selections from  a host of countries, going green can be just as tasteful and satisfying. After all, vegetarian is not a  unique, stand-alone food culture, but it’s integrated into each country’s cuisine with their own unique flavors.