Hung’s Delicacies

September 18, 2014 | 0 Comments | Terminal 2

hung's delicacies

Long gone are the days of picking up a soggy sandwich or a boring burger at the airport. Nowadays the bar has been raised and you are just as likely to stumble across a Michelin-starred restaurant as you are a fast food joint. One such Michelin-starred option at the Hong Kong International Airport is Hung’s Delicacies – famed for its distinctive and delectable “Lou Seoi” dishes. If you are unfamiliar with Lou Seoi, it is a special marinated sauce with a secret blend of spices used in Chiu Chow cuisine emanating from Guangdong province, China.

And Hung’s is no one-hit wonder, for five consecutive years since 2010, it has been awarded a coveted Michelin star for its unparalleled cooking methods and supreme food quality. Here on Level 3, HongKong airport Terminal 2, Hung’s has also been selected twice by Cable News Network (CNN) as one of the best airport restaurants in the world, the only restaurant in Asia on that list.

While there is no doubt that Lou Seoi is one of the reasons for Hung’s abundance of awards and repeat custom, I’m pleased to report that the menu is not just limited to marinade-braised and roasted meat, some of its signature dishes are actually vegetarian!

One such dish and certainly one of my favorites is the Braised Assorted Vegetables in Red Marinated Tofu Sauce. Using a wide variety of vegetables including Tientsin cabbage, soya sticks, dried lily flowers, black fungi and mushrooms, perfectly braised in a special red marinated tofu sauce, the flavor is so rich and distinctive to delight your palate.

There’s even “Vegetarian Goose” which is actually bean curd sheets, again made to a secret recipe, and these are so tender and sweet that you’ll be drooling for more. And of course, you can’t leave without ordering the classic Marinated Tofu which is velvety smooth and yummy!

In spite of its awards and achievements, Hung’s still keeps offering quality dishes with reasonable prices, successfully spreading its charm from local to international travelers. So, if you want an affordable gourmet treat at the airport then you can’t go wrong with Hung’s.

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