What is the trendiest mooncake to eat?

September 26, 2015 | 0 Comments | Other

The Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner! Mooncake is a must-have traditional delicacy for this festival. Some traditional mooncakes on the market contain animal oil that not appropriate for vegetarian, so why not try some new veggie mooncake this year? Beside the traditional lotus paste (with yolk) mooncake, there are many healthier choices such as snowy mooncakes, mooncakes with mixed nuts, and raw mooncakes! Let’s try something new this year!

walnut mooncake 400 x 400

Mooncake with Mixed Nuts
Mooncake with mixed nuts is not a new face in the market. Instead of being filled by salty egg yolk, this mooncake is filled with five nuts – peanut, melon seed, white sesame, walnut and cashew which are wrapped in flour and glutinous rice flour. Sometimes, winter melon is added to increase the sweetness. Though most producers claim that their products do not contain animal oil, please be careful that a small part of them might still have since it is one of the traditional type mooncakes.

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Snowy Mooncake
A more modern mooncake in the market is snowy mooncake. As its name implies, it is a kind of chilled mooncake made with glutinous rice flour. With flavors ranging from chocolate, mango, green tea to cheese cake, snow-skinned mooncakes have lower calories and fat content but the sugar content is still high. For those who are health conscious, low sugar options where regular sugar is replaced by sugar alcohol or other sweeteners can be a good alternative.

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Raw Mooncake
The trendiest and healthiest mooncakes in recent years are definitely raw mooncakes. Raw mooncakes require no baking and have no nasty ingredients. They are usually made under 46O’c with raw nuts such as cashews, almonds, seeds and even vegetables! Just with a little imagination, mooncake can go raw! Raw mooncake is usually filled with dried fruits and nuts and sweetened with natural dried fruit pulp or raw chocolate. Even though the fat content is not less, most of it is good fat that we should not eliminate in our diets.

Here is a simple recipe for raw mooncake!