QQ Rice

February 11, 2015 | 0 Comments | Terminal 1

QQ Rice

When you’re rushing through the airport it’s always great to have a healthy snack option on hand before you board. I have long been a fan of QQ Rice because their rice rolls are not just healthy and delicious, but also very vegetarian-friendly – you can choose from 20 veggie ingredients to make up your own roll, that’s even more than is on offer for the meat eaters!

So, I was more than happy to see that QQ Rice now has its very own outlet at (T1, Departures Check-in Hall, Level 7) Hong Kong International Airport offering a selection of pre-packed but freshly made rice rolls, or you can create your very own roll, time permitting of course. A QQ rice roll looks a bit like a Shanghai Sticky Rice Roll, and is wrapped in plastic wrap – which not only keeps the roll warm, but makes it easy to carry on board.

As well as a plethora of ingredients to choose for your filling, there’s also the added dilemma of which type of rice to choose. QQ Rice carries a variety of high quality natural rice including such specialties as Wheat Germ Rice, Purple Rice, and Ice Lake Gourmet Rice. The fillings are all selected and recommended by their team of nutritionists and dieticians, and my favorites include emperor vegetable, seaweed sprout, pearl cucumber, shredded burdock, kimchee, red kidney bean, vegetarian chicken, spicy bean curd, sliced black fungus…drooling yet?!

I normally like to create my own roll, but this time the clock was ticking and I was about to board so I grabbed their signature vegetarian roll: Vegetables & Crispy Caraway Rice Roll, and I certainly made the right choice. This beautiful roll combines two different types of rice: one half is the purple rice and the other half is brown rice…all chewy and lovely and of course healthy. The filling includes my favorite emperor vegetables, crispy caraway, and sliced mushrooms, and this combination was incredibly tasty! Wash this down with their best-selling drink: Purple Soybean Milk, which is not only a great blood tonic, but low in calories too. Girls, you need this!

In addition to their rice rolls, QQ Rice also offers other vegetarian dishes such as Vegetarian Chicken with Red Rice in Soup, and the Vegetarian Chicken & Spicy Bean Curd with Red Rice, which also come highly recommended for the health-conscious foodie.

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Terminal-01 Departures Check-in Hall, Level 7

location-01 Non-restricted Area

hour-01 07:00 – 23:00

phone-01 2326 9831

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