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炒雜菜粉絲 Saueed Bermicelli with Shredded Mushrooms & Vegetable

Since becoming a vegetarian, I hardly venture into Korean restaurants. As all I could think of are barbequed meat and ginseng chicken, I thought I’d have to say goodbye to Korean food forever when I went veggie.

But when I saw Sorabol Korean Restaurant’s menu (non-restricted area, 5/F, T2), it made my jaw drop! Not only do they offer quite a number of veggie options, they even mark on their menu the dishes that can be made meat-free on request!

My friend and I plumped for their award-winning Stone Pot Rice, one of Sorabol’s signature dishes. And what a fabulous choice! The combination of mushrooms, spinach, bean sprouts, zucchini, and carrots gave it great color, and when mixed with the raw egg plus the spicy and sweet Korean sauce, it became a real palate pleaser!

The Sautéed Vermicelli with Shredded Vegetables was another great pick. The vermicelli was cooked al dente to our liking, and we made very light work of this – polishing off in just a few minutes!

Last but not least was the beautiful Kimchee Pancake. With its crispy outside and soft inside, plus the not-too-spicy kimchee this was a perfect choice to round off the meal.

And I almost forgot…there are also a very tasty Buckwheat Soba and Organic Vegetable Salad that you don’t want to miss out on either.

With vegetarianism on the increase, Sorabol is showing the way that Korean cuisine doesn’t have to be just about barbequed meat. And, I can once again get my Korean fix, thanks to Sorabol!

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Terminal-01 Level 5
location-01 Non-restricted Area
hour-01 09:00 – 22:00
phone-01 3559 1111

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