Taiwan Beef Noodle

February 12, 2015 | 0 Comments | Terminal 1

台湾牛肉面压缩 You know what they say…when you go to an Italian restaurant you don’t necessarily have to eat pizza. Well when going to Taiwan Beef Noodle, a beef soup noodle restaurant at the airport, I decided to put this logic to the test. I was with my friend, killing time, before boarding for our trip to Taipei when he spotted Taiwan Beef Noodle in the departures hall after security near Gate 64. He was after what he called a “pre-Taiwan warm-up” in the form of a bowl of hot Taiwanese-style beef soup. Of course, being a vegetarian, this Taiwanese delicacy did not appeal to me, and I didn’t really fancy my luck beyond being able to get a bowl of plain noodles with a few sparse greens. But to my great delight, on further inspection, their menu offers many vegetarian choices including a number of yummy Taiwanese-style snacks plus fresh sautéed vegetables, sticky rice cakes, veggie fried rice and noodles. I was impressed! My friend, without hesitation, ordered their signature Braised Beef Soup Noodles, while I plumped for the Steamed Eggplant and Deep Fried Bean Curd with Taiwanese Sauce. The eggplant was fluffy and not at all greasy, with a moreish sauce on top which was sweet and rich in flavor – you could just eat this by itself or with rice to mop it all up. The fried tofu was both thick and velvety smooth…so satisfying! If you don’t believe me how good the vegetarian dishes are, ask my friend who wolfed down his beef noodle soup in record time and before I knew it he had started on my food! This is why, even though I wasn’t that hungry before entering the doors of Taiwan Beef Noodle, I found myself having to order even more food! So, I ordered the Fried Glutinous Rice Cake with Assorted Vegetables. The rice cake was big enough for two and came with an appetizing combo of black fungus (famed for being rich in iron, ten times more so than beef!), nutrient-rich broccoli and carrots. This was not only super healthy but very tasty as well. After we polished off this little lot, my meat loving friend confessed that he never knew that vegetarian food could be so delicious, and he even had me searching for vegetarian-friendly restaurants for when we got to Taipei!

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